Real Men have Real feelings

Being a man does not equal to having it "All Under Control"

Emotions have no gender...

I see you defending your family

I see you fighting for attention

I see you working towards a brighter future

But when I look closer

I see that the man I used to know is long gone

They claimed, Men are strong.

I saw your eyes fill up with tears when I asked about your lover

I saw the lump in your throat when I enquired about your career

I saw you clench your jaw when I asked about the people you used to call your friends

But I have a feeling that if I offer you a shoulder to cry on

I will only put you to shame


They claimed, Men are strong.

I can see the pain written all over your face

I can see you drifting further and further away from yourself

I cannot ignore your silence that is speaking so loudly

They claimed, Men are strong.


Cry if you have to

Talk if you need to

Share your worries if you want to

Sit in silence if it helps you

Seek help and support

Accept help and support


Emotions have no gender.

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